PyNGL/PyNIO user forum

The email list was created for PyNGL and PyNIO users to exchange information, ask questions, and report bugs. It is also for the developers to share information about new releases, features, bug fixes, and other related information. You must be subscribed to this email list in order to post to it.

All of the pyngl-talk emails and their responses are archived for your convenience:

We generally try to answer your question within a few hours. Sometimes we will respond to a person offline, so if you don't see a posting on pyngl-talk right away, this doesn't necessarily mean we aren't looking into it. We will eventually post the resolution when we have all the information, and if it is appopriate.

Posting a bug report

If you want to report a potential bug, the most helpful thing you can do is provide the shortest Python script possible that illustrates the bug, any data files needed to run your script, and a graphic (PostScript file, PDF file, NCGM file, etc.) if there is one available.

We don't encourage sending large files as email attachments, however, so if you can put your script, data, and/or images on a website and then just provide a URL, that would be ideal. Ftp also works for us.

Other information that we need for bug reports is the version of PyNGL or PyNIO you are running. You can get this information by printing the "__version__" attribute:

import Ngl
print Ngl.__version__

import Nio
print Nio.__version__

Finally, please include the type of system you are on (usually "uname -a" is enough), and the exact error message or nature of the error you are seeing. The more detail you can give, the better.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe

To subscribe to pyngl-talk, go to the URL:
and enter in your email address, a password, and click on the "Subscribe" button.

To unsubscribe to pyngl-talk, go to the same URL and enter your email address next to the box that says "Edit options", and then click on the button. Then, follow the instructions for unsubscribing to the list.

Sending and replying to messages in pyngl-talk

To send a message to pyngl-talk, use the email address If you would like to answer a question posted to pyngl-talk, we ask (but not require) that you send it to the whole list, so that other people can benefit from the answer as well. The answer will then also make it into the archives.