Installing PyNGL and/or PyNIO from a "precompiled" binary distribution

Note: the following instructions apply to either a PyNGL or PyNIO binary ("precompiled") distribution. See a full list of PyNIO binaries and PyNGL binaries available.

Once you have the precompiled file from the ESG, you need to extract the file wherever you want the software to reside. This will likely be under the PYTHONPREFIX directory.

For example, assume the file is in your home directory, and that you want to install the software in /usr/local:

    cd /usr/local
    tar -zxf PyNIO-1.4.1.linux-debian-i686-gcc432-py271-numpy160.tar.gz

PyNGL and PyNIO depend on many data files (like font and map databases and GRIB2 code tables) in order to execute properly. They will try to find these files in a directory like $PYTHONPREFIX/lib/pythonx.y/site-packages/Pyxxx/ncarg or $PYTHONPREFIX/lib64/pythonx.y/site-packages/Pyxxx/ncarg. If your installation is not set up this way, then you may need to set the PYNGL_NCARG environment variable to point to the correct path (up to and including the "ncarg" directory).

See this section for information on how to test PyNGL and PyNIO.