Re: PyNIO with numpy-1.5 on ppc64

From: Sourish Basu <S.Basu_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Sep 08 2010 - 04:03:16 MDT

Hi Mary,

     First bug report :-)

> I've had issues with building Python and numpy under 64-bit AIX systems in general. We had some system folks that talked to a Python expert who finally got Python 2.6.5 installed on a Power 5 AIX system. I know they had some issues with numpy as well, and I believe this was version 1.4.1.
> Sourish, what happens when you try to install PyNIO?
     You may recall that I installed numpy-1.5.0b2 from git, because
earlier numpy versions (1.4.* or earlier) refused to build on ppc64.
This tripped up, specifically the function get_integer_version,
due to the presence of the non-numeric string 0b2 at the end of
numpy.__version__. So I fixed that by modifying, but now I have a
new problem:

In [2]: import Nio

In [3]: fid = Nio.open_file('test.hdf', 'w')
nccreate: Bad Flag

and python crashes. On the other hand, creating a netcdf file seems to work:

In [1]: import Nio, numpy

In [2]: fid = Nio.open_file('','w')

In [3]: fid.create_dimension('length', 30)

In [5]: fid.create_dimension('breadth', 40)

In [7]: var = fid.create_variable('test_var', 'd', ('length', 'breadth'))

In [11]: var[:] = numpy.random.random((30,40))

In [12]: fid.close()

sbasu@p6012:~> ncdump -h
netcdf test {
         length = 30 ;
         breadth = 40 ;

         double test_var(length, breadth) ;

So there's something wrong with HDF creation :-( I will now try to read
HDF and netcdf files and let you know.


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