PyNIO libgfortran problems on Ubuntu Linux 8.10

From: Alex Zvoleff <azvoleff_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 2009 16:52:42 -0700

A previous thread
( mentioned
problems with Ubuntu Linux 8.10. I am experiencing the same problem.
After installing PyNIO-1.3.0b1 on my Ubuntu Linux machine, I get the
following error when I type import nio:

>ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such
file or directory

I tried symlinking to but then I get
another error:

>ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/PyNIO/ undefined
symbol: _gfortran_copy_string

>From Mary Haley's response to the previous question, it appeared a newer
binary is available. Would it be possible to receive a copy? As
requested in the response to the previous thread, the relevant portions
of the output of uname -a and gfortran --version are:

GNU Fortran (Ubuntu 4.3.2-1ubuntu12) 4.3.2
Linux 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP i686 GNU/Linux

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