PyNGL-NCL interferance

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Date: Mon Jan 14 2013 - 05:44:15 MST


In compiled NCL (some time ago) into my home directory under ~/usr. I later did the same with PyNGL, putting into my local site-packages. I now find that when I run NCL scripts, they fails as NCL appears to be picking up files associated with PyNGL, see below.

warning:TextItem:libncarg Error:PLCHHQ/PCFOPN - ERROR OPENING PWRITX DATA FILE /home/slha/usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/PyNIO/ncarg/da.../Plotc

Any suggestions as to how I clean up the mess, preferrably without recompiling both packages, or have I overwritten an NCL file with something associates with PyNGL?



Sam Hawkins
R&D Engineer

Vattenfall Research & Development
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