PyNGL Version 1.3.1 now available

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun Aug 22 2010 - 22:05:24 MDT

I'm pleased to announce the release of PyNGL version 1.3.1, which
is available on the Earth System Grid website:

This version includes some new graphical capabilities, including
examples on plotting data from shapefiles, filling between two
curves, and creating a "blank" plot (which allows for customization
of existing plots).

Source code and pre-compiled binaries using combinations of
Python 2.5.5/2.6.5 and NumPy 1.3.0/1.4.1 are available.

Building PyNGL from source code requires that NCL version 5.2.0
or later be installed. You can install NCL from pre-compiled binary
(from the same website); this is recommended over building NCL
from source code. Building PyNGL from source code is fairly simple
once you have NCL installed.

For more information on this release, see:

For full download and build instructions:


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