PyNIO Version 1.4.0 now available

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon Aug 16 2010 - 23:32:17 MDT

I'm pleased to announce the release of PyNIO version 1.4.0, which is
available on the Earth System Grid website:

This version includes support for many geo-scientific data formats:

  - NetCDF 3 and NetCDF 4 classic (read/write)
  - GRIB 1 and GRIB 2 (read only)
  - HDF 4 (read/write for SDS)
  - HDF-EOS2 and HDF-EOS5 (read only)
  - OGR (Open Geospatial Consortium's Simple Feature formats)
         (ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo, GMT, Tiger) (read only)

One of the biggest changes is that the PyNIO source code is no longer
dependent on NCL. To build PyNIO from source code, you only need to
install NetCDF and HDF-4 at a minimum. The other data formats are

We've provided many pre-compiled binaries for PyNIO 1.4.0, using
combinations of Python 2.5.5/2.6.5 and NumPy 1.3.0/1.4.1.

If you don't see a binary for your system, you can build PyNIO from
source code:

For more information on this release, see:

For full download and build instructions:

PyNIO is developed and maintained by Dave Brown, with support
for OGR and HDF-EOS5 added by Rick Brownrigg and Wei
Huang respectively.


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