PyNIO 1.3.0b1 sets incorrect length when creating attributes

From: Michael Decker <m.decker_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 9 Jul 2009 14:28:01 +0200


Yesterday I noticed that PyNIO (version 1.3.0b1) sets the wrong length
when creating an attribute.
I found this message which mentions the same problem for version 1.2.0:
As the release of 1.3.0b1 was before the bug report, it is
understandable that the fix is not in there. Is there a chance of
getting a fixed version? We are having some trouble with that because we
have to access the files through the NetCDF C-library which returns the
wrong length for the attributes when they were created with PyNIO.
The only workaround I found for this so far is to write every new
attribute twice. After that the length information is correct. But this
is a rather messy solution.

On a sidenote:
The documentation mentions the 'attributes' attribute for NioVariable
objects. However, I can't find it in my version of PyNIO. So I'm still
using __dict__ instead.


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