Problems with ps/eps files

From: Andy Aschwanden <andy.aschwanden_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2008 21:01:24 +0100

Dear all,

I'm doing contour plots based on triangular mesh data (according to the example). The plot is saved as a ps file and then converted to eps
and pdf. I've attached the script file, the netcdf file can be downoaded

The problem is that both the ps and eps file can't be opened with Adobe
Illustration (while it works with ghostview). It happens when plotting
filled contours using:

res.cnFillOn = True
res.cnFillMode = "RasterFill"
res.cnRasterSmoothingOn = True

If I plot only contour lines, i.e. cnFillOn=False, I can open the file in

I usually avoid this problem by using the converted pdf file in
presentations, poster, and so on. However, for a publication in AGU Journal
of Geophys. Res, I'd like to use the eps file because the linux command
"epstopdf" introduces artifacts. Therefore, saving the pdf again as eps file
(either pdf2eps or Illustrator) does not help.

The problem seems independent on the used pyngl and Illustration versions.
To me, it seems that there is a problem how pyngl writes the ps file for
contour plots based on triangulated data in combination with

There is only one way that works so far: Converting the eps to pdf using
Adobe Distiller, opening the pdf in Illustrator and saving it again as eps.
Nasty, but it works.

Any ideas?


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