error in Ngl.ftcurv function

From: [BE] Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu <turuncu_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2007 17:15:23 +0300


I try to plot the modis sst data and i need to interpolate coordinate
variables. So i write following script based on an IDL script which is
found in,

I am using Ngl.ftcurv function for interpolation but it gives me
following error,

Fatal Python error: deallocating None
Abort (core dumped)

so, i does not have any detailed information. I check the memory usage
of my script but it is around %2-%3 of the total memory. The part of my
script as follows,

hdf = Nio.open_file("../sst/A2002232102000.L2_LAC_SST.hdf", "r")

sst = hdf.variables['sst']
ctllat = hdf.variables['latitude']
ctllon = hdf.variables['longitude']
ctlpix = hdf.variables['cntl_pt_cols']

im = sst.shape[0]
jm = sst.shape[1]
lat = zeros((im, jm), Float)
lon = zeros((im, jm), Float)
npix = zeros(jm, Int)

for i in xrange(0, jm):
        npix[i] = i

for i in xrange(0, im):
        print i
        lat[i,:] = Ngl.ftcurv(ctlpix[:], ctllat[i,:], npix[:])
# lon[i,:] = Ngl.ftcurv(ctlpix[:], ctllon[i,:], npix[:])

so, i have also interpolate the long valuse using last line of the
script. but in this case it terminates in i=650 in this case it
terminates the i=1350 the total processed i values is 2040. But it is
not memory related problem as i mention before. The dimensions of the
ctlpix, ctllon and npix is,

ctlpix = (170,)
ctllon = (2040, 170)
npix = (1354,)

Best regards,

Ufuk Utku Turuncoglu
Istanbul Technical University
Informatics Institute

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