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From: Arrington, Christopher \(Windsor, CT-US\) <CArrington_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2007 08:40:20 -0400

Correct Jeff. I'm new to the Python world and I'm still picking up the terminology.

There is not an installer for Numeric 24.2 and Python 2.5, as Numeric is no longer supported.

Is there a reason that there is not a version of PyNGL that is useable with Numpy and Cygwin (at least as standard downloads)?

As a more general question, why is PyNIO tied into the Cygwin library? I can see the need for X windows in the PyNGL module, but I thought PyNIO was effectively a simple data IO formatter.

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Arrington, Christopher (Windsor, CT-US) wrote:
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> Now the only version of PyNGL that is available for Cygwin is the one
> that uses Numeric 24.2. And Numeric 24.2 (since it is not updated
> anymore and NumPy seems to have replaced it) is only compatible with
> Python 2.4. But Cygwin does not allow the download of Python 2.4
> anymore, only Python 2.5.
Why do you say Numeric 24.2 is not compatible with python 2.5? I've
been using it happily with 2.5 for months. Do you mean there is no
binary installer for 2.5? If so, I'm sure one of us could make you one.


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