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Thanks for the help. I understand the issue o having many
dependencies. I will try to get the gcc 3.4.X environment back again
before I ask for your help.

It would great to see all of UCAR/NCAR go open source on the codes we
develop. NCL and PyNGL(NIO) would be good starting points. One
positive result is that users could further the development of these
tools and make them even more useful and at a faster pace.


Mary Haley <> writes:

> Hi Dallas,
> There are a number of reasons that PyNGL and PyNIO are not yet open
> source. The main one is that NCL, which these two packages are built
> on top of, is also not open source. These three software packages are
> somewhat difficult to build because of dependencies on several
> external software packages: netCDF, HDF 4, HDF2-EOS, and Gctp, to name
> a few.
> It would be somewhat of a nightmare for our users to try to get all
> these packages to work in sync with each other, and hence we provide
> binaries.
> We have a strong desire to go open-source, and this is something we
> hope to consider soon. We also have to consider what it means to try
> to support those users who decide to build from source and then come
> back to us for help. The consulting load could be significant.
> Having said this, we are willing to work with users who are UNIX savvy
> to help them build these packages on their systems. Also, I have a
> gcc 4.1.1 system that I could try building PyNGL and PyNIO for you.
> Let me know which route you want to take.
> --Mary
> On Mon, 6 Nov 2006 wrote:
>> I'm trying to get started using numpy and pyngl, but I'm running into
>> a problem with the supplied binaries. They want to link against
>>, which is not part of gcc 4.1.1. Is there a known fix for
>> this? I'm running gentoo and really don't want to hack something that
>> has gcc3.X libs sitting around. How about releasing pyngl (and ncl)
>> source so that we can compile on updated systems without a lot of
>> headaches? Thanks.
>> Dallas
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