Re: Reading mouse input from an x11 graphics window

From: Raymond P. <rtp1_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2005 15:40:58 -0600

No problem. I'm always amazed at how quickly things get answered on
this list.

 From looking at the function that ncl served, now carried into PyNGL,
I was already
pretty sure that there was no standard way to do what I wanted. The
function, which
I think should still be the core function of PyNGL is to generate
from scripts, rather than to write menu-driven interactive graphics

It did occur to me, though, that the one small bit if interactive
capability that would greatly
enhance PyNGL would be to read a mouse position from a click. I felt
this lack
in the dynamical systems course I'm teaching now, which uses Python for
programming language and PyNGL for graphics. It would be awfully nice
be able to start a trajectory with a mouse click, rather than inputting
to the script.

I mainly tossed out this query as a way of planting the idea that it
would be nice
to be able to do such a thing, so as to stimulate some discussion.


On Nov 9, 2005, at 6:51 PM, Mary Haley wrote:

> Hi Ray,
> I'm sorry we haven't responded to this sooner. We discussed this
> question
> informally at lunch yesterday, and don't have any current way to
> do something like this in PyNGL.
> We do have a C/HLU library example (the HLU library is something that
> PyNGL is built on top of) in which you can click on the X11 window,
> and it returns the data coordinates. This is "ng4ex" example "xy13c"
> for those of you that might have the HLUs installed on your system.
> It requires the X11 "Xm" library in order to compile.
> Does anybody know of some Python/X11 modules? It might be possible to
> convert this example to PyNGL and use similar X11 calls as in the
> xy13c.c example.
> --Mary
> On Mon, 7 Nov 2005, Raymond P. wrote:
>> This may be too much to hope for, but here goes....
>> For some courseware I'm writing, I'd like to write a script that can
>> read the
>> coordinates of a mouse click on a PyNGL x11 window, and use that
>> to initialize an equation for further plotting on the window. I know
>> how to
>> do this sort of thing in tkinter, but I wonder if NGL has some
>> facility for
>> doing this, or if perhaps somebody knows some hack for getting
>> the screen coordinates using tkinter calls and translating to the NGL
>> graphics space. It would be a handy sort of thing to be able to do for
>> all sorts of interactive graphics applications.
>> Thanks,
>> Ray
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