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Sets resource values for a specified plot object.


ier = Ngl.set_values(plotid, res)



The identifier returned from calling any object creation function, like Ngl.xy, Ngl.contour_map, or Ngl.open_wks.


An instance of the Resources class having PyNGL resources as attributes containing the resources you want to set.


This function sets resource values for a plot object independently from a call to a plotting function. This allows for setting values for resources after a plotting function has been called. For example, if you are creating many plots that differ only in the setting of a given resource, then you can loop over the plots while changing only the appropriate resource.

The first argument is a plot id and the second argument is a resource list.

See Also

Ngl.get_MDfloat_array, Ngl.get_MDinteger_array, Ngl.get_float, Ngl.get_float_array, Ngl.get_integer, Ngl.get_integer_array, Ngl.get_string, Ngl.get_string_array


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