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Retrieves the value of a resource that uses a float scalar.


fval = Ngl.get_float(plotid, resource_name)



The identifier returned from Ngl.open_wks, or any PyNGL function that returns a PlotId.


The name of the resource whose value you want to retrieve.

Return value


A python variable of type 'float'.


This function retrieves a scalar float that is the value of a specified resource associated with a plot.

The first argument is a PlotId and the second argument is the resource whose value you want to retrieve.

Note that you need to be careful about which PlotId you use for the first argument. For example, if you create a contour plot over a map, what's returned is the map's PlotId, and hence you can't use this to retrieve contour resource information. To retrieve contour resource values, use the "contour" attribute of the map's PlotId, which is the PlotId for the contour plot created:

map = Ngl.contour_map(wks,data,res)
label_string = Ngl.get_float(map.contour,"cnLineThicknessF")
See the PlotId documentation for a full list of possible attributes.

See Also

Ngl.get_MDfloat_array, Ngl.get_MDinteger_array, Ngl.get_float_array, Ngl.get_integer, Ngl.get_integer_array, Ngl.get_string, Ngl.get_string_array


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