pynglex - a script for running PyNGL/PyNIO examples

The pynglex command copies and runs PyNGL/PyNIO examples in your local directory. These examples demonstrate how to use PyNGL and PyNIO functions in a variety of ways. You can view a gallery of all the pynglex examples that create visualizations.

Execpt in those few cases where an example generates, by way of illustration, output in a specific format, the examples generate PostScript output with the file name being the same as the example name with a ".ps" appended. The pynglex script has a flag that allows you to specify any of the available output formats.

Here is a description of how to use pynglex:

  usage: pynglex [options] [example_names]

    options (must appear separately if more than one):
        Run all of the examples.
      -w type
        Specifies an overriding output workstation type.  "type"
        can be one of "ps", "pdf", "ncgm", "x11" (or ps, pdf,
        ncgm, x11 - i.e. without quotes).  "ps" is the default.  
        The -w option requires a type be specified.
        Copy over the source files, but do not execute.
        List out the available example names.
        Print out this usage message.
        Deprecated. Support for Numeric was dropped.
    example names
      A list of the examples you want to run.