Text annotations not appearing when floats are used in XY plot with modified axis labels

From: Carmen St. Jean <carmen.stjean_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Wed Jun 20 2012 - 09:10:53 MDT


I've run into the most puzzling problem with my code under extremely
specific circumstances.

I have an xy plot where I have modified the x-axis and y-axis labels
in order to show additional units (i.e., degrees F in addition to
degrees C and feet in addition to meters). Then I am attempting to
place three lines of text above my plot and three lines of text below
my plot by using text annotations.

The problem is that the text above and below the plot only appear when
I am using integer values instead of floats for x and y. Or if I use
floats while I don't bother modifying my x-axis and y-axis labels,
then the text does appear. But if I modify the axis labels and use
floats, then the text annotations simply do not appear. It is
surprising that this is happening because I was able to modify the
labels x-axis and y-axis of a contour plot and successfully add text
above and below the plot. The input I gave the contour function was
all float values.

So this leaves me unsure of where the underlying problem is... Is my
approach to modifying my labels is problematic so that it is somehow
affecting the text annotations down the road (though only when I am
using floats for x and y)? Is there something I have overlooked here?



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