HDF4 requirement for PyNIO

From: David B. Reusch <dreusch_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri Dec 02 2011 - 15:34:28 MST


Is HDF4 truly "non-optional external software" if I'm not going to be
using "HDF - Hierarchical Data Format (version 4) - Scientific Data Sets
(SDS)" files? I'm asking because I'm having some problems with HDF4 and
netCDF on my OS 10.7.2 Mac and the only reason I'm including HDF4 in my
build chain is because the INSTALL file says it's non-optional.
According to The HDF Group, HDF4 is not yet supported (or at least
tested) on 10.7 and they don't have a timeline for it (nor do they know
when HDF5 will be officially tested!). I need a problem-free install of
netCDF sooner than later (now would be nice), but I don't want to
introduce PyNIO problems by not installing HDF4.

Dave Reusch

Associate Research Professor of Climatology
Dept of Earth and Environmental Science
MSEC 304; 801 Leroy Place
New Mexico Tech
Socorro, NM 87801

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