Re: paper size resources only for maximization and not for "real paper size"

From: Alexander Radebach <radebach_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Tue Dec 22 2009 - 06:09:08 MST

Hi Mary,

I could reproduce your results on the simplified code, but unfortunately
they aren't solving the problem. By changing PaperHeight and PaperWidth size
and shape of the drawn elements changes, the size of the white area (==
paper size) in doesn't! Two details on that:
1) Both pdf files have the same paper size. That can be seen in direct
visual comparison or by looking at pdf file's properties (both show: "8.5 *
11.0 inches").
2) I tried some "stupid"/"extraordinary" value for pheight (19.69 in) with
your code. The given pdf (I attached it) shows
 - a 8.5*11.0 inches paper
 - with a plot maximized to 8.5*19.69 (therefore partially leaving the
Still, the paper's size remains unchanged, doesn't it?

Do you agree, that your files have indeed the same paper size (while having
different shaped plots on it; yes, one is skinnier) and therefore the pyNgl
options on paper height and width only changed the shape of drawn elements,
but not the shape of white area / paper (which is always Letter)??

Thank you for your support, have a nice Christmas, best from Potsdam,



Mary Haley writes:

> Hi Alex,
> I couldn't reproduce the results you mention.
> I took a simple plot, and tried going to the default letter size (8.5 x
> 11 inches) and then
> I set it to 8.26 x 11.69, and got what I would expect, which is a
> slightly skinnier plot.

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