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Date: Thu, 21 Sep 2006 13:28:43 +1200


I'm working with data from the Terra satellite and I'm using PyNio to
open the files. However, I need to be able to open more than one file,
I'm using a 'for' loop:
for k in range(0,len(orbit)):
    fl =
    f = Nio.open_file(fl)

Which works, but the problem is that the last section of the
string('F08_0015') is not the same for all the files. It is possible
to create another 'for' loop to fix this but would be quite time
consuming. I've tried using macintosh alias' but PyNIO dosen't want to
open them, and I don't really want to rename all the files. Could
anyone suggest a method I could use to open the files that would bypass
the need to specify the 'F08_0015' section?

Thanks very much,
    Joe Corbett

Satellite Data Research Group
Physics Dept
University of Auckland

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