Limit reached for number of simultaneous GKS Workstations

From: James Boyle <boyle5_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 16:11:52 -0700

It is not uncommon for me to be in a python session, producing many
plots as I explore the data.
I want to output a bunch of 'ps' plots, each with a unique name. To do
this I have been opening a new workstation:
wks = Ngl.open_wks(wks_type,name,wkres)
in order to attach then name to the plot.
if I do this enough times I get the error below. It appears as there is
a limit to the number of open workstations.
Fair enough, but how do I reuse an old one, with a new name or how do I
trash the old, and in with the new.
I looked for a close_wks but it does not exist.
Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing something?


In [362]:
fatal:WorkstationInitialize: Limit reached for number of simultaneous
GKS Workstations
fatal:Unable to initialize layer-Can't Create
fatal:NhlGetValues:PID #-4 is invalid
fatal:_NhlCreate:Invalid Parent id #-4
fatal:Invalid plot ID=-4 passed to NhlGetBB
fatal:NhlGetValues:PID #-4 is invalid
fatal:PID #-4 can't be found in NhlSetValues
Bus error

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