Re: PyNIO ? (informally announcing PyNGL 0.1.1b8)

From: Mary Haley <haley_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 19:41:33 -0600 (MDT)


I think this was a hiccup on the ESG, and it should be up and working
now (actually, I think it was working sometime later on Friday).

If you have further problems with the ESG, feel free to post here, or
you can get a quicker response by emailing This email address is the one linked
to as "Problem using site? Contact ESG".


On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Jeff Whitaker wrote:

> David Ian Brown wrote:
>> Hi Jim,
>> As a matter of fact, PyNIO has just been added to PyNGL as of last
>> Thursday. The
>> new beta release is PyNGL 0.1.1b8. Although for now PyNIO is only packaged
>> along
>> with PyNGL it is designed as a stand-alone module, and eventually we hope
>> to make
>> it available separately as well as together with PyNGL.
>> As of now we have binaries for Linux (32 bit), Mac OSX, Solaris and IRIX
>> (32 bit).
>> We are still working out some 64-bit system issues. We are trying to put
>> together a
>> Windows/Cygwin version as well.
>> i should point out that we are still working on improving the code for
>> individual formats.
>> Any Improvements we make will automatically be available both for PyNIO and
>> NCL.
>> We have separate readers for hdf and hdfeos. You can read an hdfeos file
>> either with
>> the hdf reader or the hdfeos reader. Because of recent improvements to the
>> hdf
>> reader, in some ways it works better than the hdfeos reader for hdfeos
>> files. Mainly,
>> the problem with the hdfeos reader is that it does not always make the
>> coordinate variables
>> visible. I hope to get this fixed soon.
>> Also, we are intending to add support for new formats as soon as possible,
>> including
>> NetCDF 4, GRIB 2, HDF 5 and HDFEOS 5. Again these changes will be
>> immediately
>> available both for NCL and PyNIO. As a part of this change, we will be
>> adding explicit
>> support for groups of variables. The reason I mention this is that the
>> naming scheme
>> for HDF and HDFEOS variables will probably change since we won't need to
>> encode
>> the group into the variable name any more. Instead the groups will appear
>> as directories
>> in which the variables are found. However, we will have a backward
>> compatibility option
>> that will allow the user to see the variable names as they are currently.
>> This post can be considered an informal announcement of PyNGL 0.1.1b8.
>> -dave
> Dave: I went through all the contortions to get the release from the esg web
> site (I kept expecting it to ask me for a credit card number). When I
> received the confirmation email, I clicked on the link and got:
> ERROR: Globus I/O error: no credentials: GSS Major Status: General failure
> GSS Minor Status Error Chain: acquire_cred.c:125: gss_acquire_cred: Error
> with GSI credential globus_i_gsi_gss_utils.c:1316:
> globus_i_gsi_gss_cred_read: Error with gss credential handle
> globus_gsi_credential.c:248: globus_gsi_cred_read: Error reading proxy
> credential globus_gsi_credential.c:833: globus_gsi_cred_read_proxy: Error
> reading proxy credential: Can't open proxy file: /tmp/x509up_u4161 for
> reading OpenSSL Error: bss_file.c:106: in library: BIO routines, function
> BIO_new_file: system lib OpenSSL Error: bss_file.c:104: in library: system
> library, function fopen: Too many open files
> Ugh. What every happened to good 'ol fashioned anonymous ftp?
> -Jeff
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