Re: PyNIO ? (informally announcing PyNGL 0.1.1b8)

From: David Ian Brown <dbrown_at_nyahnyahspammersnyahnyah>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2005 15:33:43 -0600

Hi Jim,

As a matter of fact, PyNIO has just been added to PyNGL as of last
Thursday. The
new beta release is PyNGL 0.1.1b8. Although for now PyNIO is only
packaged along
with PyNGL it is designed as a stand-alone module, and eventually we
hope to make
it available separately as well as together with PyNGL.

As of now we have binaries for Linux (32 bit), Mac OSX, Solaris and
IRIX (32 bit).
We are still working out some 64-bit system issues. We are trying to
put together a
Windows/Cygwin version as well.

i should point out that we are still working on improving the code for
individual formats.
Any Improvements we make will automatically be available both for PyNIO
and NCL.
We have separate readers for hdf and hdfeos. You can read an hdfeos
file either with
the hdf reader or the hdfeos reader. Because of recent improvements to
the hdf
reader, in some ways it works better than the hdfeos reader for hdfeos
files. Mainly,
the problem with the hdfeos reader is that it does not always make the
coordinate variables
visible. I hope to get this fixed soon.

Also, we are intending to add support for new formats as soon as
possible, including
NetCDF 4, GRIB 2, HDF 5 and HDFEOS 5. Again these changes will be
available both for NCL and PyNIO. As a part of this change, we will be
adding explicit
support for groups of variables. The reason I mention this is that the
naming scheme
for HDF and HDFEOS variables will probably change since we won't need
to encode
the group into the variable name any more. Instead the groups will
appear as directories
in which the variables are found. However, we will have a backward
compatibility option
that will allow the user to see the variable names as they are

This post can be considered an informal announcement of PyNGL 0.1.1b8.

On Sep 26, 2005, at 12:56 PM, James Boyle wrote:

> Whilst looking for information on another topic, I stumbled upon the
> pyNIO link from the PyNGL site.
> How long has this module been available? I do not think that I could
> have missed it the first time around.
> If it has been surreptitiously added in the not too distance past -
> might I suggest a posting to this mailing list would have been in
> order.
> I have recently and rather painfully got some code together to read
> HDF/HDFEOS data from python. pyNIO would have simplified matters
> a great deal, if I knew of its existence.
> In any case great stuff, I was never able to get a reliable swath
> interface going - so I will have to give this a try.
> You might want to provide a swath plot from an HDF/EOS file, to
> showcase this capability.
> --Jim
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