This file changes PyNGL's default graphical display. For example, by default, when you run a PyNGL script, your background and foreground colors will be white and black, your fonts will be "helvetica", and your colormap will be "rainbow".

To change the default values of any of these resources, put the below ".hluresfile" file in your home directory of every machine you run PyNGL on, and modify as desired. Some other resources are set to show you how it's done.

You can modify this file and add other default changes that you want. Note that you cannot set the special "ngl" and "skt" resources in this file.

! Comments for this file are preceded by a "!".
! Remember quotations are not used in this file.

! Black background, white foreground (not recommended, but hey)

*wkForegroundColor  : (/1.,1.,1./)
*wkBackgroundColor  : (/0.,0.,0./)

! Fonts.  We personally like "helvetica" better.

*Font           : times-roman

! Make default X11 window larger (adjust as necessary)

*wkWidth      : 800
*wkHeight     : 800

! Have a favorite colormap that you use for everything? You can
! make it your default here (note the name is NOT in quotes):

*wkColorMap  : BlAqGrYeOrReVi200

! Increase the default (16mb) contour memory
! If you hgave gridded data > 500 x 500, you may need this

*wsMaximumSize: 32556688